Conditions for admission of student in bachelors degree at KIU
  • Should have Higher School Diploma or equivalent certificates authorized by government
  • May have to pass an admission test if determinded by the admission department,
  • Saudi Nationals and those residing in Saudi Arabia are not eligible for admission in KIU and will not be accepted and there will be no exam center at Saudi Arabia
Procedure of Admission
  • Applicants must read the rules and regulations of the university carefully on the Website
  • Fill the online application form and attach the required document
  • Student have to pay registration Fee USA 50$ not refundable
Procedure of Study and Enrollment
  • Student must take full load in first semester
  • The student must accept his / her study schedule in the first week of the semester, and to delete or add courses if he / she wishes in same week only
  • Student must be compelled to add/withdraw, remove,postpond,apologize from the courses or university
  • The minimum limit for semester is (6) credit hours and the maximum is (21) credit hours. Exceptional students May take more with permission of university management
  • The student is required to attend at least 75% of the (interactive) lectures and if he is absent for 25% or more without reasonable excuse he will not be allowed to apply for the final exam for that course and If the absence is more than 50% it will not be excused at all
  • Student must pay 25% of the tuition fees within first three weeks of a semester and remaining 75% within 2 months of date of start of studies
  • To review and agree with assessment and testing systems of the University
  • Student must read the rules and regulations of the university for selecting exam centers and agree with them
  • The student has the right to amend his study schedule according to the above-mentioned terms
  • Student may claim refund fees if he/she has not attended live sessions. Financial department can be reached in this regard in the same semester of the fees submission
University Responsibilities
  • University is not responsible to provide jobs to the graduated students and also about the admissions for higher education in any university
  • University is not responsible for internet speed or interuptions during the sessions or exams
  • The student undertakes not to distribute or sell the contents of the lectures provided by the university to others in any manner, without obtaining prior permission of the university.